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blktrace-0.0-0.9.20080103162505.el5 RPM for x86_64

From Extras Packages for Enterprise Linux 5 for x86_64

Name: blktrace Distribution: Extras Packages for Enterprise Linux
Version: 0.0 Vendor: Fedora Project <>
Release: 0.9.20080103162505.el5 Build date: Fri Apr 11 16:56:21 2008
Group: Development/System Build host:
Size: 221337 Source RPM: blktrace-0.0-0.9.20080103162505.el5.src.rpm
Packager: Fedora Project <>
Summary: Utilities for performing block layer IO tracing in the linux kernel
blktrace is a block layer IO tracing mechanism which provides detailed
information about request queue operations to user space.  This package
includes both blktrace, a utility which gathers event traces from the kernel;
and blkparse, a utility which formats trace data collected by blktrace.

You should install the blktrace package if you need to gather detailed
information about IO patterns.






* Fri Feb 08 2008 Eric Sandeen <> - 0.0-0.9.20080103162505git
  - gcc-4.3 rebuild
* Sat Jan 26 2008 Eric Sandeen <> - 0.0-0.8.20080103162505git
  - New upstream version
* Thu Oct 25 2007 Eric Sandeen <> - 0.0-0.6.20071010202719git
  - Add libaio-devel to BuildRequires
* Thu Oct 25 2007 Eric Sandeen <> - 0.0-0.5.20071010202719git
  - New upstream version
* Thu Aug 16 2007 Eric Sandeen <> - 0.0-0.4.20070730162628git
  - Fix up btt/Makefile to accept rpm's CFLAGS
* Wed Aug 15 2007 Eric Sandeen <> - 0.0-0.3.20070730162628git
  - Just drop the pdf build, bloats the buildroot for such a simple tool
* Thu Aug 02 2007 Eric Sandeen <> - 0.0-0.2.20070730162628git
  - Add ghostscript to BuildRequires, use attr macro for man pages
* Thu Aug 02 2007 Eric Sandeen <> - 0.0-0.1.20070730162628git
  - New package, initial build.



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