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Packages beginning with letter R

rbldnsd-0.996a-2.el4 Small, fast daemon to serve DNSBLs linux/ppc
rbldnsd-debuginfo-0.996a-2.el4 Debug information for package rbldnsd linux/ppc
rdiff-backup-1.0.5-2.el4 Convenient and transparent local/remote incremental mirror/backup linux/ppc
rdiff-backup-debuginfo-1.0.5-2.el4 Debug information for package rdiff-backup linux/ppc
re2c-0.12.1-2.el4 Tool for generating C-based recognizers from regular expressions linux/ppc
re2c-debuginfo-0.12.1-2.el4 Debug information for package re2c linux/ppc
recode-3.6-24.el4 Conversion between character sets and surfaces linux/ppc
recode-debuginfo-3.6-24.el4 Debug information for package recode linux/ppc
recode-devel-3.6-24.el4 Header files and static libraries for development using recode linux/ppc
redet-8.22-4.el4 Regular expression development and execution tool linux/noarch
redet-doc-8.22-1.el4 Documentation for redet linux/noarch
redir-2.2.1-5.el4 Redirect TCP connections linux/ppc
redir-debuginfo-2.2.1-5.el4 Debug information for package redir linux/ppc
remctl-2.11-5.el4 Client/server for Kerberos-authenticated command execution linux/ppc
remctl-debuginfo-2.11-5.el4 Debug information for package remctl linux/ppc
remctl-devel-2.11-5.el4 Development files needed to compile C programs against remctl linux/ppc
remctl-perl-2.11-5.el4 Perl interface to remctl linux/ppc
remind-03.01.07-1.el4 A sophisticated calendar and alarm program linux/ppc
remind-debuginfo-03.01.07-1.el4 Debug information for package remind linux/ppc
remind-gui-03.01.07-1.el4 A graphical front-end for remind using Tcl/Tk linux/ppc
revelation-0.4.7-5.el4 Password manager for GNOME 2 linux/ppc
revelation-debuginfo-0.4.7-5.el4 Debug information for package revelation linux/ppc
rhnpush-0.4.5-1.el4 Package uploader for the Red Hat Network Satellite Server linux/noarch
rkhunter-1.3.8-2.el4 A host-based tool to scan for rootkits, backdoors and local exploits linux/noarch
rlog-1.4-7.el4 Runtime Logging for C++ linux/ppc
rlog-debuginfo-1.4-7.el4 Debug information for package rlog linux/ppc
rlog-devel-1.4-7.el4 Runtime Logging for C++ - development files linux/ppc
rlwrap-0.30-1.el4 Wrapper for GNU readline linux/ppc
rlwrap-debuginfo-0.30-1.el4 Debug information for package rlwrap linux/ppc
roadstencil-fonts-1.0-2.el4 Roadstencil Fonts linux/noarch
rootsh-1.5.2-5.el4 Shell wrapper for auditing linux/ppc
rootsh-debuginfo-1.5.2-5.el4 Debug information for package rootsh linux/ppc
roundcubemail-0.1.1-4.el4 Round Cube Webmail is a browser-based multilingual IMAP client linux/noarch
roundup-1.4.15-1.el4 Simple and flexible issue-tracking system linux/noarch
rpl-1.5.3-4.el4 Intelligent recursive search/replace utility linux/noarch
rpmconf-0.1.8-1.el4 Tool to handle rpmnew and rpmsave files linux/noarch
rpmdevtools-5.3-1.el4 RPM Development Tools linux/noarch
rpmlint-0.85-3.el4.1 Tool for checking common errors in RPM packages linux/noarch
rpmreaper-0.1.6-1.el4 A tool for removing packages from system linux/ppc
rpmreaper-debuginfo-0.1.6-1.el4 Debug information for package rpmreaper linux/ppc
rrdtool-1.2.27-3.el4 Round Robin Database Tool to store and display time-series data linux/ppc
rrdtool-debuginfo-1.2.27-3.el4 Debug information for package rrdtool linux/ppc
rrdtool-devel-1.2.27-3.el4 RRDtool libraries and header files linux/ppc
rrdtool-doc-1.2.27-3.el4 RRDtool documentation linux/ppc
rrdtool-perl-1.2.27-3.el4 Perl RRDtool bindings linux/ppc
rrdtool-php-1.2.27-3.el4 PHP RRDtool bindings linux/ppc
rrdtool-python-1.2.27-3.el4 Python RRDtool bindings linux/ppc
rrdtool-tcl-1.2.27-3.el4 Tcl RRDtool bindings linux/ppc
rss2email-2.60-3.el4 Deliver news from RSS feeds to your smtp server as text or html mail linux/noarch
rsstool-1.0.0-1.el4.2 Command-line RSS/Atom parser and generator linux/ppc
rsstool-debuginfo-1.0.0-1.el4.2 Debug information for package rsstool linux/ppc
rtpproxy-1.2.1-2.el4 A symmetric RTP proxy linux/ppc
rtpproxy-debuginfo-1.2.1-2.el4 Debug information for package rtpproxy linux/ppc
ruby-augeas-0.4.1-1.el4 Ruby bindings for Augeas linux/ppc
ruby-augeas-debuginfo-0.4.1-1.el4 Debug information for package ruby-augeas linux/ppc
ruby-clearsilver-0.10.3-3.el4.1 Ruby interface to the ClearSilver HTML templating system linux/ppc
ruby-ldap-0.9.7-4.el4 Ruby LDAP libraries linux/ppc
ruby-ldap-debuginfo-0.9.7-4.el4 Debug information for package ruby-ldap linux/ppc
ruby-mysql-2.7.3-1.el4 A Ruby interface to MySQL linux/ppc
ruby-mysql-debuginfo-2.7.3-1.el4 Debug information for package ruby-mysql linux/ppc
rxvt-2.7.10-8.el4 Rxvt (ouR XVT) - a VT102 emulator for the X window system linux/ppc
rxvt-debuginfo-2.7.10-8.el4 Debug information for package rxvt linux/ppc
rxvt-unicode-9.05-1.el4 Rxvt-unicode is an unicode version of rxvt linux/ppc
rxvt-unicode-debuginfo-9.05-1.el4 Debug information for package rxvt-unicode linux/ppc
rzip-2.1-1.el4 A large-file compression program linux/ppc
rzip-debuginfo-2.1-1.el4 Debug information for package rzip linux/ppc

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