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Packages beginning with letter E

ebtables-2.0.8-1.el4 Ethernet Bridge frame table administration tool linux/ppc
ebtables-debuginfo-2.0.8-1.el4 Debug information for package ebtables linux/ppc
edg-gridftp-client- Command line clients to GridFTP libraries linux/ppc
edg-gridftp-client-debuginfo- Debug information for package edg-gridftp-client linux/ppc
eggdrop-1.6.21-2.el4 The world's most popular Open Source IRC bot linux/ppc
eggdrop-debuginfo-1.6.21-2.el4 Debug information for package eggdrop linux/ppc
emacs-nxml-mode-0.20041004-6.el4 Emacs package for editing XML linux/noarch
enca-1.9-1.el4 Character set analyzer and detector linux/ppc
enca-debuginfo-1.9-1.el4 Debug information for package enca linux/ppc
enca-devel-1.9-1.el4 Header files and libraries for enca charset analyzer linux/ppc
enigma-1.01-3.el4 Clone of the ATARI game Oxyd linux/ppc
enigma-debuginfo-1.01-3.el4 Debug information for package enigma linux/ppc
environment-modules-3.2.6-4.el4 Provides dynamic modification of a user's environment linux/ppc
environment-modules-debuginfo-3.2.6-4.el4 Debug information for package environment-modules linux/ppc
epel-release-4-10 Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux repository configuration linux/noarch
erlang-R11B-2.6.el4 General-purpose programming language and runtime environment linux/ppc
erlang-debuginfo-R11B-2.6.el4 Debug information for package erlang linux/ppc
erlang-doc-R11B-2.6.el4 Erlang documentation linux/ppc
erlang-erlsyslog-0.1-3.el4 Syslog facility for Erlang linux/ppc
erlang-etap-0.3.4-5.el4 Erlang testing library linux/ppc
erlang-pgsql-0-6.20101203svn.el4 Erlang PostgreSQL interface linux/ppc
esmtp-0.6.0-3.el4 User configurable relay-only Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) linux/ppc
esmtp-debuginfo-0.6.0-3.el4 Debug information for package esmtp linux/ppc
ettercap-0.7.3-19.el4 Network traffic sniffer/analyser, NCURSES interface version linux/ppc
ettercap-common-0.7.3-19.el4 Common files for Ettercap, Network traffic sniffer/analyser linux/ppc
ettercap-debuginfo-0.7.3-19.el4 Debug information for package ettercap linux/ppc
ettercap-gtk-0.7.3-19.el4 Network traffic sniffer/analyser, gtk interface version linux/ppc
eventlog-0.2.7-3.el4 Syslog-ng v2 support library linux/ppc
eventlog-debuginfo-0.2.7-3.el4 Debug information for package eventlog linux/ppc
eventlog-devel-0.2.7-3.el4 Syslog-ng v2 support library development files linux/ppc
eventlog-static-0.2.7-3.el4 Syslog-ng v2 support static library files linux/ppc
exiv2-0.17.1-1.el4 Exif and Iptc metadata manipulation library linux/ppc
exiv2-debuginfo-0.17.1-1.el4 Debug information for package exiv2 linux/ppc
exiv2-devel-0.17.1-1.el4 Header files, libraries and development documentation for exiv2 linux/ppc
ez-ipupdate-3.0.11-0.22.b8.el4 Client for Dynamic DNS Services linux/ppc
ez-ipupdate-debuginfo-3.0.11-0.22.b8.el4 Debug information for package ez-ipupdate linux/ppc

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