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Packages beginning with letter A

aalib-1.4.0-0.rc5.3 An ASCII art library. linux/ppc
aalib-debuginfo-1.4.0-0.rc5.3 Debug information for package aalib linux/ppc
aalib-devel-1.4.0-0.rc5.3 aalib development files linux/ppc
ack-1.78-1.el4 Grep-like text finder linux/noarch
acpitool-0.4.7-2.el4 Command line ACPI client linux/ppc
acpitool-debuginfo-0.4.7-2.el4 Debug information for package acpitool linux/ppc
agedu-0-2.r9153.el4 An utility for tracking down wasted disk space linux/ppc
agedu-debuginfo-0-2.r9153.el4 Debug information for package agedu linux/ppc
aget-0.4-3.el4 Console download accelerator linux/ppc
aget-debuginfo-0.4-3.el4 Debug information for package aget linux/ppc
aiccu-2007.01.15-5.el4 AICCU - SixXS Automatic IPv6 Connectivity Client Utility linux/ppc
aiccu-debuginfo-2007.01.15-5.el4 Debug information for package aiccu linux/ppc
alpine-2.02-3.el4 powerful, easy to use console email client linux/ppc
alpine-debuginfo-2.02-3.el4 Debug information for package alpine linux/ppc
alsamixergui-0.9.0-0.2.rc1.el4 GUI mixer for ALSA sound devices linux/ppc
alsamixergui-debuginfo-0.9.0-0.2.rc1.el4 Debug information for package alsamixergui linux/ppc
altermime-0.3.7-2.el4 Alter MIME-encoded mailpacks linux/ppc
altermime-debuginfo-0.3.7-2.el4 Debug information for package altermime linux/ppc
aoetools-21-1.el4 ATA over Ethernet Tools linux/ppc
aoetools-debuginfo-21-1.el4 Debug information for package aoetools linux/ppc
apachetop-0.12.6-6.el4 A top-like display of Apache logs linux/ppc
apachetop-debuginfo-0.12.6-6.el4 Debug information for package apachetop linux/ppc
apcupsd-3.14.0-3.el4 APC UPS Power Control Daemon for Linux linux/ppc
apcupsd-cgi-3.14.0-3.el4 Web interface for apcupsd linux/ppc
apcupsd-debuginfo-3.14.0-3.el4 Debug information for package apcupsd linux/ppc
apcupsd-gui-3.14.0-3.el4 GUI interface for apcupsd linux/ppc
apg-2.3.0b-5.el4 Automated Password Generator for random password generation linux/ppc
apg-debuginfo-2.3.0b-5.el4 Debug information for package apg linux/ppc
apt-mirror-0.4.5-3.el4 APT sources mirroring tool linux/noarch
aqbanking-2.2.9-2.el4 A library for online banking functions and financial data import/export linux/ppc
aqbanking-debuginfo-2.2.9-2.el4 Debug information for package aqbanking linux/ppc
aqbanking-devel-2.2.9-2.el4 Development headers for Aqbanking linux/ppc
archivemail-0.7.0-6.el4 A tool for archiving and compressing old email in mailboxes linux/noarch
arj-3.10.22-6.el4 Archiver for .arj files linux/ppc
arj-debuginfo-3.10.22-6.el4 Debug information for package arj linux/ppc
artwiz-aleczapka-fonts-1.3-6.el4 Set of (improved) artwiz fonts linux/noarch
asa-1.2-4.el4 Convert Fortran carriage control characters linux/ppc
asa-debuginfo-1.2-4.el4 Debug information for package asa linux/ppc
asciidoc-7.0.2-3.el4 Text based document generation linux/noarch
atop-1.26-1.el4.1 An advanced interactive monitor to view the load on system and process level linux/ppc
atop-debuginfo-1.26-1.el4.1 Debug information for package atop linux/ppc
audio-entropyd-1.0.0-4.el4.2 Generate entropy from audio output linux/ppc
audio-entropyd-debuginfo-1.0.0-4.el4.2 Debug information for package audio-entropyd linux/ppc
augeas-0.10.0-3.el4 A library for changing configuration files linux/ppc
augeas-debuginfo-0.10.0-3.el4 Debug information for package augeas linux/ppc
augeas-devel-0.10.0-3.el4 Development files for augeas linux/ppc
augeas-libs-0.10.0-3.el4 Libraries for augeas linux/ppc

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