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dhcp-devel-3.0.5-1el5.el5.rf RPM for i386

From DAG Testing packages for Red Hat Linux el5 i386

Name: dhcp-devel Distribution: Unknown
Version: 3.0.5 Vendor: Dag Apt Repository,
Release: 1el5.el5.rf Build date: Wed Mar 7 20:12:54 2007
Group: Development/Libraries Build host:
Size: 1441520 Source RPM: dhcp-3.0.5-1el5.el5.rf.src.rpm
Packager: Dag Wieers <>
Summary: Development headers and libraries for interfacing to the DHCP server
Libraries for interfacing with the ISC DHCP server.






* Wed Nov 29 2006 David Cantrell <> - 12:3.0.5-1
  - Upgrade to ISC dhcp-3.0.5
  - Roll md5 patch in to libdhcp4client patch since it's related
  - Do not overwrite /etc/ntp/step-tickers (#217663)
  - Resolves: rhbz#217663
  - Build the MD5 functions we link against.
  - Set permission of to 0755 (#215910)
  - Do not link res_query.o in to libdhcp4client (#215501)
  - Enable relinquish_timeouts() and cancel_all_timeouts() even when
  - Add prototypes for b64_pton() and b64_ntop in dst/
  - Move variable declarations and labels around in the fix-warnings patch
  - Expand the list of objects needed for libdhcp4client (#215328)
  - Use libres.a in libdhcp4client since it gives correct minires objects
  - Remove the dhcp options table in C, Perl, Python, and text format (these
    were reference files added to /usr/share/doc)
  - Remove struct universe *universe from envadd_state in the client patch
  - Add struct universe *universe to envadd_state in the enoi patch
  - Add example dbusified dhclient-script in the enoi patch
  - Change the way libdhcp4client is compiled (patch main source, create new
    Makefile rather than copy and patch code after main patches)
  - Fix up problems generating compiler warnings
  - Use 'gcc' for making dependencies
  - Pass -fPIC instead of -fpie/-fPIE in compiler flags
  - Combine the extended new option info changes in to one patch file (makes
    it easier for outside projects that want to use dhcdbd and NetworkManager)
  - Put typedef for dhcp_state_e before it's used in libdhcp_control.h (#212612)
  - Remove dhcpctl.3 from minires/Makefile.dist because it's in dhcpctl
  - Remove findptrsize.c and just set compiler flag for ppc64 and s390x
  - Remove NODEBUGINFO junk from the spec file as well as old/unused code
  - Rolled all 68 patches in to one patch since more than half of them get
    overridden by later patches anyway.
  - Send usage() screen in dhclient to stdout rather than the syslog (#210524)
* Mon Sep 11 2006 David Cantrell <> - 12:3.0.4-21
  - Rebuild (#205505)
* Fri Aug 18 2006 Jesse Keating <> - 12:3.0.4-20
  - rebuilt with latest binutils to pick up 64K -z commonpagesize on ppc*
* Thu Aug 17 2006 David Cantrell <> - 12:3.0.4-19
  - Fix mkdir problem in libdhcp4client.Makefile
* Thu Aug 17 2006 David Cantrell <> - 12:3.0.4-18
  - Fix dhclient on s390x platform (#202911)
* Wed Jul 12 2006 Jesse Keating <> - 12:3.0.4-17.1
  - rebuild
  - ...
  - Changelog trimmed, see



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