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ssss-0.5-1.el4.rf RPM for i386

From DAG packages for Red Hat Linux el4 i386

Name: ssss Distribution: Dag Apt Repository for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4
Version: 0.5 Vendor: Dag Apt Repository,
Release: 1.el4.rf Build date: Wed Jan 26 18:36:07 2011
Group: Applications/System Build host:
Size: 42776 Source RPM: ssss-0.5-1.el4.rf.src.rpm
Packager: Steve Huff <>
Summary: Shamir's Secret Sharing Scheme
ssss is an implementation of Shamir's secret sharing scheme for UNIX/linux
machines. It is free software, the code is licensed under the GNU GPL. ssss
does both: the generation of shares for a known secret and the reconstruction
of a secret using user provided shares.

In cryptography, a secret sharing scheme is a method for distributing a secret
amongst a group of participants, each of which is allocated a share of the
secret. The secret can only be reconstructed when the shares are combined
together; individual shares are of no use on their own.

More formally, in a secret sharing scheme there is one dealer and n players.
The dealer gives a secret to the players, but only when specific conditions are
fulfilled. The dealer accomplishes this by giving each player a share in such a
way that any group of t (for threshold) or more players can together
reconstruct the secret but no group of less than t players can. Such a system
is called a (t,n)-threshold scheme.






* Thu Dec 23 2010 Steve Huff <> - 0.5-1
  - Initial package.



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