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RPM of Group Applications/Communications

efax-0.9a-15.el7 A program for faxing using a Class 1, 2 or 2.0 fax modem linux/x86_64
ekiga-4.0.1-8.el7 A Gnome based SIP/H323 teleconferencing application linux/x86_64
irssi-0.8.15-16.el7 Modular text mode IRC client with Perl scripting linux/x86_64
isdn4k-utils-vboxgetty-3.2-99.el7 ISDN voice box (getty) linux/x86_64
lrzsz-0.12.20-36.el7 The lrz and lsz modem communications programs linux/x86_64
mgetty-1.1.36-28.el7 A getty replacement for use with data and fax modems linux/x86_64
mgetty-sendfax-1.1.36-28.el7 Provides support for sending faxes over a modem linux/x86_64
mgetty-viewfax-1.1.36-28.el7 An X Window System fax viewer linux/x86_64
mgetty-voice-1.1.36-28.el7 A program for using your modem and mgetty as an answering machine linux/x86_64
minicom-2.6.2-5.el7 A text-based modem control and terminal emulation program linux/x86_64
telepathy-gabble-0.18.1-4.el7 A Jabber/XMPP connection manager linux/x86_64
telepathy-haze-0.8.0-1.el7 A multi-protocol Libpurple connection manager for Telepathy linux/x86_64
telepathy-logger-0.8.0-5.el7 Telepathy framework logging daemon linux/x86_64
telepathy-logger-0.8.0-5.el7 Telepathy framework logging daemon linux/i686linux/x86_64
telepathy-salut-0.8.1-6.el7 Link-local XMPP telepathy connection manager linux/x86_64

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