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RPM of Distribution Packaged for mandrake 20060

sqlay-common-0.6.3-1.i586 Common files for SqLay SourceForge
sqlay-devel-0.6.3-1.i586 Developpement files for SqLay. SourceForge
sqlay-drivers-0.6.3-1.i586 Builtin drivers for SqLay. SourceForge
sqlay-freetds-0.6.3-1.i586 FreeTDS driver for SqLay. SourceForge
sqlay-mdbtools-0.6.3-1.i586 MDBTools driver for SqLay. SourceForge
sqlay-mysql-0.6.3-1.i586 MySQL driver for SqLay. SourceForge
sqlay-php-0.6.3-1.i586 PHP scripts for using SqLay as standalone Web application. SourceForge
sqlay-php-samples-0.6.3-1.i586 Samples PHP scripts for the SqLay PHP framework. SourceForge
sqlay-php_mod-0.6.3-1.i586 PHP module for interfacing PHP scripts with SqLay C drivers. SourceForge
sqlay-postgres-0.6.3-1.i586 Postgres driver for SqLay. SourceForge
sqlay-sqlite-0.6.3-1.i586 SQLite driver for SqLay. SourceForge
sqlay-ui-texts-0.6.3-1.i586 Ascii art and HTML front-ends for SqLay. SourceForge
sqlay-unixodbc-0.6.3-1.i586 unixODBC driver for SqLay. SourceForge

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