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RPM of Group KDE/Communications

kdeam-1.1-1 KdeAm is an answering machine based on vboxgetty from the ISDN4Linux package. Linux/i386
kmess-1.1-1 KMess is a chat program for the MSN Messenger® protocol. Linux/i386
kmyirc-0.2.9-1 KMyIRC is an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client focused on ease of use and avoiding bloat. Linux/i386
komport-0.5.3-1 Serial Communications & VT102 Terminal Emulator for KDE linux/i386
kopete-0.6.2-1 Kopete is a flexible, extensible, plugin-based, multiple-protocol instant messaging system. Its goal is to provide (i) users with a standard and easy-to-use interface for all their instant messaging systems, and (ii) developers with a consistent and flexi Linux/i386

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