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RPM of Distribution FedBerry 26

bcm283x-firmware-20180210-1.b1a7f4a.fc26.armv7hl Broadcom bcm283x firmware for the Raspberry Pi SourceForge
bcm43438-firmware-20160627-2.a7491de.fc26.noarch Binary firmware for Broadcom BCM43438 SDIO module SourceForge
bcmstat-0.4.8-1.6e4d955.fc26.noarch Simple Raspberry Pi command line monitoring tool SourceForge
bluetooth-rpi3-0.1-1.fc26.noarch Service and udev rule for Raspberry Pi 3 bluetooth SourceForge
bluez-5.46-7.fc26.armv7hl Bluetooth utilities SourceForge
bluez-cups-5.46-7.fc26.armv7hl CUPS printer backend for Bluetooth printers SourceForge
bluez-libs-5.46-7.fc26.armv7hl Libraries for use in Bluetooth applications SourceForge
chromium-60.0.3112.90-1.fc26.armv7hl A WebKit (Blink) powered web browser SourceForge
chromium-libs-60.0.3112.90-1.fc26.armv7hl Shared libraries used by chromium (and chrome-remote-desktop) SourceForge
f26-backgrounds-base-26.3-1.fc26.noarch Base images for FedBerry 26 default background SourceForge
fake-hwclock-0.11-1.f889fd0.fc26.noarch Save/restore system clock on machines without working RTC hardware SourceForge
fedberry-config-0.4.2-1.fc26.noarch Easy configuration of various system options in FedBerry SourceForge
fedberry-local-26-1.fc26.noarch FedBerry rc.local, configs and scripts for the Raspberry Pi SourceForge
fedberry-logos-25.2-1.fc26.noarch Icons and pictures SourceForge
fedberry-release-26-2.noarch FedBerry release files SourceForge
fedberry-release-notes-26-2.noarch Release Notes SourceForge
fedberry-repo-26-2.fc26.noarch FedBerry Yum RPM Repositories SourceForge
fedberry-selinux-policy-26-1.fc26.noarch Custom SELinux policy module(s) for FedBerry SourceForge
kernel-4.14.19-1.rpi.fc26.armv7hl The BCM2709 Linux kernel port for the Raspberry Pi 2 and 3 Model B SourceForge
kernel-core-4.14.19-1.rpi.fc26.armv7hl The Linux kernel for the Raspberry Pi 2/3 Model B SourceForge
kernel-modules-4.14.19-1.rpi.fc26.armv7hl kernel modules to match the core kernel SourceForge
lightdm-gtk-2.0.2-5.fc26.armv7hl LightDM GTK Greeter SourceForge
plymouth-0.9.3-0.8.20160620git0e65b86c.fc26.armv7hl Graphical Boot Animation and Logger SourceForge
plymouth-core-libs-0.9.3-0.8.20160620git0e65b86c.fc26.armv7hl Plymouth core libraries SourceForge
plymouth-plugin-two-step-0.9.3-0.8.20160620git0e65b86c.fc26.armv7hl Plymouth "two-step" plugin SourceForge
plymouth-scripts-0.9.3-0.8.20160620git0e65b86c.fc26.armv7hl Plymouth related scripts SourceForge
plymouth-theme-charge-0.9.3-0.8.20160620git0e65b86c.fc26.armv7hl Plymouth "Charge" plugin SourceForge
raspberrypi-vc-libs-20180205-1.fd98fcd.fc26.armv7hl Libraries for accessing the Raspberry Pi GPU SourceForge
raspberrypi-vc-utils-20180205-1.fd98fcd.fc26.armv7hl Utilities related to the Raspberry Pi GPU SourceForge
wiringpi-2.44-1.96344ff.fc26.armv7hl WiringPi is a Wiring library written in C and should be usable from C++. SourceForge

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