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RPM of Group Applications/Math

bc-1.03-6 GNU bc Linux/i386Linux/sparcLinux/axp
bc-1.04-2 GNU bc Linux/i386Linux/alpha
bc-1.05a-1 GNU bc Linux/i386Linux/sparcLinux/alpha
bc-1.04-5 GNU bc Linux/i386Linux/sparcLinux/alpha
gnuplot-3.5-6 plotting package Linux/i386Linux/sparcLinux/axp
gnuplot-3.5-8 GNU plotting package Linux/i386Linux/alpha
gnuplot-3.6-beta347 GNU plotting package Linux/i386Linux/sparcLinux/alpha
gnuplot-3.5-9 GNU plotting package Linux/i386Linux/sparcLinux/alpha
x48-0.6.3-1 x48 is an HP 48 GX emulator linux/i386
xgraph-12.1-2 XGraph with animation linux/x86_64

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