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This server is located in Lyon, within the Creatis laboratory. It is running on a machine, that has been built with cheap hardware. You can get more information and pictures.

Like other rpmfind mirrors, this machine is using a large amount of bandwidth, and credits go to the CISR, Centre Inter-Etablissement pour les Services Reseau, for providing this connectivity, and for hosting this service.

Hardware and Software configuration:

This machine is running Linux. The CPU is a Pentium4 3GHz, on an Intel D865GBF mobo, with 4GB memory, as 4x1GB chips. I use two four-ports 3ware IDE Raid card. On the first card, I grouped four 500Gigs DiamondMax 11 maxtor SATA disks in a 2TB hardware RAID0 array. On the second card, I connected a 100Gigs, a 160Gigs, and two 250Gigs IDE maxtor drives. The motherboard comes with two serial ATA controllers, where I plugged two 300Gigs disks. The total storage capacity is currently 3.3TB.

I also thank Eric Boix, who made a financial donation, that helped me to replace a dying disk.

Like other rpmfind mirrors I use the journalling filesystem Ext3 . Kernel rpms including ext3 support are now wide spread in most linux distributions. The filesystems are mounted with the noatime option, and ext3 filesystems use the dir_index options.

Fabrice Bellet <fabrice@bellet.info>

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